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What are E-Statements?  E-statements are electronic statements accessed through Internet Banking.  They are designed to replace your paper bank statements, and contain all the same information, including images of your deposits and cancelled checks.  Each statement will remain available online for three years.  If you choose to receive e-statements, an email message will notify you that your statement is ready.

Why should I switch?  E-statements are safer, eliminating the possibility that your statement, with its personal information, will be lost or stolen in the mail.  You will no longer need to store paper statements at home, or worry about how to dispose of old statements.  And you will help the environment by reducing the amount of paper used to print statements.

How do I sign up?  To sign up for e-statements, log on to Internet Banking and click on "View Statements".  Please allow five business days for your request to be processed.  If you're not currently an Internet Banking customer, enroll through "Internet Banking".  Once your enrollment is confirmed, you may sign up for e-statements.

Have questions?  Call us at 570-473-3531 for more information.

Features and Benefits

1.  Online statement via Internet Banking - Helps the environment by reducing the amount of paper

2.  Statement usually available one or two days after the cycle date - Faster than receiving your statement by mail

3.  Secure access to statement - No worry about statement being lost or stolen in the mail

4.  Accessed by a single sign-on - Only one Internet Banking user name and password to remember

5.  Email notification when statement is available - No need to watch for the statement to arrive

6.  Includes the same information as paper statement - See the same statement you're used to

7.  Includes images of cancelled checks and deposits - See all the information you need

8.  Statements are available online for 3 years from the date you sign up - No need to store statements at home

9.  Sign up through Internet Banking - Easy and convenient