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Service Fee Schedule

Please refer to the schedule below for the pricing of our miscellaneous bank services.

 Effective date: July 1, 2015

American Express Gift Check $2.50
ATM / Visa Check Card - replacement card $10.00
Cashier's Check $10.00
Certified Check $10.00
Checking or Savings Account $5.00 if closed within 30 days
Club Account

$10.00 plus lose interest if closed early

$5.00 per withdrawal

Dormant Account $5.00 per month after 2 years inactive

Garnishment, Writ, Levy

Indemnity Bond Issuance $10.00
Locking Night Deposit Bags $20.00
Money Order $5.00

Non-Customer Check Cashing

Checks to $1,000

Checks over $1,000



1% of check amount

Notary Seal $5.00 per stamp plus $2.00 each additional signature
NSF Fee $35.00
Overdraft Protection Transfer $10.00

Overdrawn Account Charge

Charged on the 5th continuous day and each 5th continuous day thereafter


Returned Checks

$12.00 (Personal and Business Accounts)

Signature Guarantee $5.00 per stamp
Statement Copy

$5.00 per statement $10.00 with check images

Statement Reconcilliation or Research


$10 minimum

Stop Payment $30.00
Travelers Checks $1 for every $100

Wire Transfers


Outgoing (domestic)

Outgoing (foreign)