Safe and secure banking.

When you’re ready to open an account at Norry Bank, we’ll make sure it’s done right – by confirming your identity and protecting you from fraud.

We’ll ask you to bring a primary source of identification from the list below. If that’s not available, we will accept two of the listed secondary ID sources. If you’re over 18, one must contain a photograph. And all IDs must be current – we can’t accept anything expired.

U.S. Citizen | Primary forms of identification

Valid state-issued driver’s license
Valid state-issued photo ID
Valid military ID
Current U.S. passport

U.S. Citizen | Secondary forms of identification

U.S. birth certificate
U.S. school photo ID
PA state photo ID (non-driver)
Elder Attestation letter, presented with birth certificate and Social Security card
Social Security card
Utility bill with current address listed
Pay stub
IRS form W2 from prior year
Major credit card
U.S. state-issued driver’s learner permit
Student visa, type F, J, M, or Q
Voter registration card
Marriage license
Current PA license to carry firearms, including photo
Medicare card

Permanent Resident Alien | Primary forms of identification

Valid passport
Resident Alien card
Current I-551 Permanent Resident card

Non-Resident Alien | Primary forms of identification

Current passport
Valid visa
Employment authorization card

Foreign Refugee

Current passport
Valid visa

Business Entity

Articles of incorporation
Partnership agreement
Government-issued business license
Tax ID number certificate
Fictitious name registration
Trust agreement
Limited Liability Company certificate of organization
501(c)(3) or 503(b) documentation for tax exempt organization
Tax returns from prior year
Certified trade name certificate