Please refer to the schedule below for pricing of our miscellaneous bank services.

Service Fee
ACH Corporate Origination Fees$10.00 per file or minimum monthly fee $10.00
ATM/Debit Card Replacement$10.00
Bank Bags, Zippered $5.00 
Business Checking Account Minimum Balance
$5.00 if account falls below $500.00
Business Premier Checking Accounts 
     average monthly balance up to $4,999.99$6.00 if account falls below $5,000.00
15¢ per check over 50
     average monthly balance of $5,000.00 to $9,999.99$4.00 if account falls below $10,000.00
15¢ per check over 100
     average monthly balance of $10,000.00 to $49,999.99$2.00 if account falls below $50,000.00
15¢ per check over 200
Cashier's Check $10.00
Checking or Savings Account Closed Within 30 Days $5.00
Club Account Early Withdrawals$5.00 per withdrawal
Club Account Closed Before Term$10.00 fee, interest forfeited
Counter Check$2.00
Debit MasterCard Foreign Currency Conversion/CrossBorder Fee1.10%, MasterCard's fee
Escheated Processing Fee$25.00
Fax Service - Fax Received$0.25 per page
Fax Service - Long Distance/Sent$1.00 per page
Garnishment, Writ, Levy$175.00
Inactive Account Fee$3.00 per month after 1 year of inactivity if account balance is below $500
Indemnity Bond Issuance$10.00
IRA Transfer to Another Institution$25.00 if no other Norry Bank account
Locking Night Deposit Bags$20.00
Money Market Account Minimum Balance$10.00 if account falls below $2,500.00
Non-Customer Check Cashing; Checks Greater Than $2,0001% of check amount
Notary Seal, First Signature$5.00
Notary Seal, Each Additional Signature$2.00
NSF Fee Paid/Returned *$35.00 per item
Overdraft Protection Transfer$10.00 per transfer
Personal Premier Checking Account Minimum Balance$8.00 if balance falls below $1,000.00
Returned Check, Personal Account$12.00
Returned Check, Business Account$12.00
Safe Deposit Box Inventory Fee$25.00/hour ($25.00 minimum)
Safe Deposit Box Replacement Key $10.00/key
Safe Deposit Box Drilling $150.00
Safe Deposit Box Late Fee $10.00 after 30 days
Signature Guarantee (Per Stamp)$5.00
Statement Reconciliation or Research$25 per hour; $10 minimum
Statement Reprint With Images$10.00 per statement
Statement Reprint Without Images$5.00 per statement
Stop Payment$35.00
Wire Transfer, Incoming$15.00
Wire Transfer, Outgoing - Domestic$25.00
Wire Transfer, Outgoing - Foreign$50.00


* The Northumberland National Bank may charge you non-sufficient funds fees for each resubmission of a debit or re-presentation of an item, which means you may incur multiple non-sufficient funds fees if a debit or item is returned more than one time. The Northumberland National Bank reserves the right to add to, terminate, or make other changes to these service charge fees at any time. Member FDIC.
Revised 4.3.2024