Bank from anywhere, on your schedule.

Whether it’s point-of-sale, ATM deposits or withdrawals, ACH, phone or online transfers – the way you want to move money is your business.

Manage expenses
  • Easily track expenses, purchases, and payments with a Norry Bank debit card.
Increase your cash flow and get rewards
  • Get the credit card that’s right for your business, with flexibility, universal acceptance, and an available rewards program.
  • With The Northumberland National Bank’s VISA® credit card options, you can choose from perks* like cash back, merchandise and/or travel rewards.

Visa® CommUNITY Cards are available for non-profits and municipalities. Connect with a bank staff member to find the best-fit card for your business needs.

*All benefits not available on all cards.

Business Credit Card Customer Log In

Plus all the extra services your business needs.

  • Positive Pay
    • Monitor and detect unusual or unauthorized disbursement activity by comparing paid items against issue information
    • Compare checks presented for payment against a list of authorized, reported checks
    • Authorized users can initiate manual check issues or check void requests
    • $25.00 monthly service fee
  • Remote Deposit Capture with Ensenta
    • Can't always get to the bank to make your deposit? We can bring the bank to you
    • We'll help you download the software so you can deposit checks from your office
    • Make deposits at your convenience - all you need is a computer, an internet connection, and a check scanner
    • Securely transmit your deposit to us, and we'll credit your account
    • $100.00 set-up fee, $55.00 monthly service fee
    • Two-year contract, $250.00 early termination fee
  • Merchant Services Payment Processing
    • Get paid faster. Set up your company to accept all major credit cards and debit cards for customer payments
    • Get affordable point-of-sale equipment, including wireless and internet-enabled terminals, as well as all-in-one terminals that support multiple applications
    • Increase cash flow and sales opportunities
    • See reports available directly from terminals
    • $52.00 application fee, $69.00 annual PCI Compliance fee
    • Three-year contract, early termination fee may apply
  • ACH Origination
    • Create electronic payments and deposits to save business time and money, instead of constantly writing checks and mailing invoices
    • Simplify and streamline your business payroll process with direct deposit
    • Reduce transaction costs with electronic payments
    • Collect accounts receivable with less time and follow-up, with electronic invoices
    • $75.00 set-up fee, $10.00 per file ($10.00 minimum per month)
  • Business Bill Pay
    • No more checks, stamps, or envelopes
    • Submit payments online so you don't have to worry about them getting lost in the mail
    • Schedule recurring payments
    • $9.95 per month for 15 bill payments
    • $0.75 charge per payment over 15 each month

Find a branch near you.
  • I do the banking for Jackson Township, and they’re always super. If I have any questions, I can come right to Norry Bank – they don’t send me to some “head office” in New York or something. I always know who to go to for anything I need, and I tell other townships – whatever your situation, Norry Bank is easy to work with.Susan Straub | Middleburg, PA